Beautiful Hill Country Hiking Trails

The beautiful scenic walking routes of the River Place Nature Trail make for some of the best hiking trails in Austin. This nature area will transport you out of the city and into a tranquil forest for a good workout, a peaceful stroll, a splash in a waterfall, or a daily dog walk.

There are three trails within the River Place Neighborhood — Panther Hollow, Little Fern, and Canyon. All of the paths have different entrances but lead to the same converging point.

The Canyon Trail is popular with those looking to build up a sweat since it has a lot of stairs to conquer and steep changes in elevation.

Walking along the long stretches of wooden stairs and pathways will make it feel like you’re leaving the city and entering your own fairytale of lush green plants and trees.There are various pools of clear, pretty water along the trails, some of which even feature their own mini waterfalls and trickling streams. There is a fallen tree that was accurately named “Noggin’ Knocker” that visitors love taking photos on and under.

River Place Nature Trail

Price: $10 fee during peak usage hours on Saturdays and Sundays, and on holidays.

Address: Multiple entrances – 8820 Big View Dr., Austin, TX

Check the River Place website for trail I.D. info.

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